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Setting yourself goals, if pole fitness is a big part of your life then it’s common sense to set yourself some Pole Goals to work towards,
if is not yet, why not to try it?!



Perfect Flow....

Getting good flow is a great pole goal to have for 2020, as you’ll be able to freestyle to any music and make it look beautiful.


  • Watch pole videos on YouTube for inspiration

  • Take notes as to how their tricks flow into each other

  • Find a perfect song that matches your mood

  • Record yourself so you can watch it back to see how it loo

 Get Your Splits...



















  • Be committed, practice every day

  • Plan out your stretching routine

  • Focus on stretching your hip flexors as well as your thigh muscles

  • Warm-up before stretching

  • Use yoga blocks to help you stretch further


Deadlift Into Everything...


  • Don’t expect to be able to deadlift straight away!

  • Work towards a deadlift in small stages

  • Aim to lift your feet off the floor first, then bring your knees up, finally try with straight legs

  • Don’t lose faith – this is a very advanced technique and it takes months of training to get it right

Improve Your Condition....

For New Year, why not make it your pole goal to improve your current tricks, moves and spins you’ve learned?

Many polers have moves they don’t like, so they rush through them just to ‘tick them off’ so to speak. Don’t let this be you! Become a perfectionist and improve your form on all of your current moves.


  • Make a list of all the moves, tricks and spins that you’re able to perform

  • Rank yourself out of 10 for each of these moves so you can see where you need to work

  • Choose a ‘trick of the week’ and practice that trick every day!

  • Take photos to monitor your improvement



Go To 2 Classes Per Week...

If your pole schedule is to attend classes once per week and practice at home when you have time, why not increase your schedule and attend two classes per week? Going to classes is much more beneficial to working out at home as you’ll have structure, motivation and be in the right environment for working out.

What are your pole goals?

We would love to hear your pole goals! Leave a comment below to share your pole goals and let us know what you’re working towards  for.




Happy poling!



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