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A-Core YOGA strives to create uplifting movement classes built around the core and overall health and wellbeing concepts of yoga.
We offer Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Karma Yoga.


The background of Hatha shows how important it is to balance mind, body and soul for complete and overall health and wellbeing.

Classes described as Hatha Yoga would be more basic and gentle with a focus on alignment, and physical and mental benefits of each pose, making Hatha the perfect choice for a novice yogi.

In addition Hatha yoga utilises breath techniques and meditation which is at the heart of traditional Hatha yoga.

Like with all the yoga disciplines the benefits of Hatha yoga are vast. The purpose of the practice is to create complete health of your mind and body and to allow breath and energy to flow through you freely.

Hatha yoga uses physical poses to generate strength and flexibility and to drive energy into all areas of the body, removing any built up tension.


In Vinyasa yoga, emphasis is placed not just on the poses themselves, but the transitions into and out of each posture. Also, you typically do not stay in the poses for long in a vinyasa yoga class. Vinyasa yoga is considerably more movement based than practices like hatha yoga and yin yoga.

With its constant movement, vinyasa can be seen as the most “cardio” of the yoga styles. 

Vinyasa is incredible for stress relief. With constant movement linked with breath, you can get the blood flowing and achieve a little bit of that “moving meditation.”


Some classes will have a strength-building element while others will be more cardio-based. Likewise, some classes will incorporate more “advanced” poses while others will stick to the basics.

Our yoga instructors will help a newcomer to yoga by explaining the poses, the transitions, and alignment as thoroughly as possible.




This class runs 100% on your donations!


One of A-Core missions is to bring yoga to everyone in society.

We run by donation classes every Sunday evening with all the donations going back to the local charity of yogis choose.


This Yoga class is a breath based practice that warms the core, brings suppleness and strength to muscles and maintains mobility in joints. 

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