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Studio Owner and Fitness Instructor

     Anya is the studio owner of A-Core Pole Fitness Centre since 2019. Also she has been a nurse, specialising in Tissue Viability & Aesthetics since 2006.

     She says that experience working in the health industry has given her insight into the benefits of pole fitness, which she has been training since 2016 and teaching pole fitness to both men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Anya is incredibly passionate in making sure that her classes are delivered to a high standards.

     She is understanding that students are all different and will therefore adapt her teaching to suit individual needs. She enjoy spending time with students to ensure they feel safe and confident in what they were being shown.

    Anya does set high standards and expectations of students to ensure that they gain as much from a class as they can, whilst working at their own personal level. Anya sets achievable and realistic goals. 


     Anya offers a friendly and happy atmosphere in the studio, you will always be greeted with a smile and welcomed in by Anya and her students at A-Core Pole Fitness Centre.


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