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Upside Down Pole Dancer


Being Part Of An Incredible Worldwide Community

As beginner pole fitness you’ve only just started your journey and there is so much ahead of you!


The pole community is a wonderful community  to  be a part of.

Our community is supportive,   non-judgmental, caring and just simply   incredible.

 Here are a few Facebook groups to join:

The possibilities are endless!

What To Wear?

Here are some ideas about what to wear at your first pole fitness class:

  • Yoga/Pole shorts 
  • T-shirt or Vest top 

  • Sports Bra 

  • Knee-Pads 

  • Leggings – optional – for the warm-up 
  • Hooded-top optional – for the warm up/ cooldown 

  • Legwarmers – optional 

  • When it comes to footwear, you can do a whole pole fitness class barefoot.

What Not To Wear?

  • Loose shorts – when you open your legs you may flash the instructor if they’re too loose!

  • Ultra-revealing outfits – as this is your first ever pole class, there’s no reason to show off, you’re there to focus on learning the technique.

  • A dress – a dress will either be too tight and restrictive or too loose and will get in the way of your tricks.

  • Heels – Learn the basics first and there will be loads of time to wear these in the future!

  • Jewellery – this will scratch the pole and most likely get in the way.


What To Do?

  • Clean the pole after you’ve used it, making sure to wipe away any chalk, grip powder or residue left on the pole at the end of the class.

  • Pay close attention to the warm-up and cool down as these will help with the inevitable aching that will follow the day after!

  • Make sure you take it easy during these few days, drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruit and veggies, stretch a lot and get plenty of rest.

  • Most of all – enjoy yourself! Don’t be anxious, pole fitness is a wonderful community to be part of.


Nothing beats a pole class with an instructor giving you guidance.
If classes make you nervous try a private lessons.

"Strength doesn't come from what you do. It's comes from doing what you thought you couldn't do".


How long it takes to learn Pole?


As long as you stick to a regular routine and practice pole fitness regularly, you will start to see results and progress really quickly. But for some, it can take longer than it does for others.

Everyone is different.

If you’ve started pole fitness with existing strength, then you’ll see progress faster than someone who doesn’t have the strength to start with.

The key is to attend regularly, don’t flake out and don’t get complacent or your progress will suffer.

If you’re currently attending one class per week, why not try attending two in alternating weeks to see how you get on?

Happy Poling!

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